Sunday, July 29, 2012

New interviews, Hopscotch 2012, 666.

^ MAKE interview 7/27/12 ^
^MAKE interview 7/31/12^

^ MAKE interview 7/11/12 ^

In case you missed our latest interviews, here they are in all their raging glory. They pretty much speak for themselves, so that's all we'll say about that. In other news, we're taking August off in order to tighten everything up for the Hopscotch Festival 2012 and hopefully, subsequently, heading back to the studio in October. We'll keep you up to date with those plans as they unfold. Here's the specific schedule for our night at Hopscotch:

Oh yeah. One last thing...we're creeping up on everybody's favorite number of likes on our facebook page. To celebrate this, the 666th "liker" of our page will receive a free copy of 'Trephine' on CD. You might even end up with a personalized cartoon drawing from Scott. Hide yo wife, hide yo kids!

Revised idea: "We've decided to do something different. Instead of rewarding the random person who happens to be the 666th "like" of our page, we're going to do a "drawing from a hat" sort of thing from our page likes for a free 'Trephine' CD and maybe some other custom schwag once we hit that magic number."

Thanks for tuning in, until next time!

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