Thursday, November 10, 2011

Belated post about things past and things future.

Whoops. Forgot to put this up the other week, so here it is in case you missed it, a feature in the
Independent Weekly:

And the companion review piece by Grayson Currin:

In other news, MAKE will be on WXDU this coming Sunday evening, somewhere between the times of 6-7pm trying our best to coherently answer questions posed to us. I can't promise it will be as entertaining as Rick Perry, but we'll try. Here's a link to the station's website where you can easily stream all the goodness they have to offer: WXDU

Keep your eyes peeled during the next few days and you'll see a short piece which was born from a very distracted version of myself on the phone with Jordan Lawrence in Asheville's Mountain Xpress (only online though, I believe). If there's anything certain it's that I have an uncanny ability to take a long time in not answering questions. Here's a link to that site: Mountain Xpress

And last but not least is our autumn tour which begins this coming Monday, November 14th in Asheville, NC at The Get Down. We'll be sharing the road for six days with our great friends in the mighty Black Skies, who just had a feature in this weeks Independent Weekly. Check that out here: "For Black Skies, Southern metal is a network, not a style" P.S. If you haven't seen the tour poster, hit yr home button on our blog and scroll down a little's right there starin' you down. Alright then, folks...hope this finds you well and once again, thank you to every single person who made our CD release show awesome! We're very proud of the album and hope it brings you some joy as well. Cheers!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

CDs, Tours and other things!

Well, there was a pleasant stack of stuff to come home to today (including the new Junius LP!). 
The CDs are here and they look great! 

Proof that I am true.

Tonight we'll be preparing packages for those of you who pledged toward our cause on and will get all of those orders out between Weds and Friday, we promise! To celebrate and share in our excitement with this gift from the UPS lads, we're putting the entire album up for streaming purposes on our bandcamp page, which you can get to by clicking HERE. If there's anybody out there who would like to order this CD, you can do so from the same page. If it confuses you or isn't working for whatever reason, send us a message on our Facebook page and we swear we'll get you sorted out. For those of you who are fine with waiting and/or live in the Triangle, well it just so happens that we have a CD release show coming up where we will have Trephine available as well as these silk-screened posters:

Clicking me only makes me stronger.

And last but not least there is the news of our tour. It's all set up and ready to go...and after we return we'll be taking a LONG break in order to relax, write some more material and get back on the road. Triangle shows will be on a temporary but extended drought as we busy ourselves with other things so come and see us on November 5th at the Casbah in will be the last time in a long time! Here's a tour poster for your perusal:


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MAKE on tour!

Exciting news! We have officially booked our first tour and it looks like this:

Mon 11/14 - Asheville, NC @ The Get Down
Tue 11/15 - Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge
Wed 11/16 - Knoxville, TN @ The Pilot Light
Thur 11/17 - Harrisonburg, VA @ Crayola House **w/ Earthling
Fri 11/18 - Pittsburgh, PA @ 31st St Pub **w/Sistered
Sat 11/19 - Cincinnati, OH @ The Comet 

This entire tour we'll be sharing the road and the stage with our best buds in the mighty
Black Skies (Chapel Hill comin' to get you!) and we'll be bringing our new album Trephine
along for the ride. Looking forward to meeting y'all out there!

**we don't have all of the local acts info yet but will edit this page with any updates.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New track streaming, store updates!

Alright, folks. A couple updates:

We just put up another (as of yet unmastered) track from our upcoming album available for streaming on our bandcamp page. Secondly, we put up a link to pre-order said album which will see its official release on November 5th at our CD release show at The Casbah in Durham with the mighty Hog and In The Year of The Pig. We also re-stocked our black w/ MAKE logo t-shirts (ladies M, regular S, M, L, XL) and those are available for ordering on the same page.

Here is a link to our bandcamp page:

And here is a link which takes you directly to the new track:

Cheers and thanks for tuning in!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Streaming track from upcoming MAKE album!

We put up a currently unmastered version of the song "...And Time Came Undone" which will appear on our upcoming record "Trephine". As the weeks go by we'll be giving more details on the progress and when to expect the record so keep checkin' back!

Go here for sounds:

MAKE bandcamp page

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Pod?

Yes, The Pod. That is the name of MAKE guitarist Scott Endres' new ambient drone solo/side-project. Check out a preview here:

(Full album will be posted for FREE download as soon as it is completed and mastered)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Upcoming album details revealed:

Everything is coming along very well and we are pretty damn excited about the recordings thus far. We head back to Track and Field studio next week to finish mixing, and then we hope to get the mastering done asap. Plenty of details on things to come, but for now we'll leave you with the upcoming album's cover, title and tracklist:

Trephine by MAKE will include:

1) Ancient Tongues 
2) Returning to the Ruins of My Birthplace
3) After the Dust Settles
4) ...And Time Came Undone
5) Valhalla
6) Surrounded by Silent Lies
7) Rotting Palace
8) Scorched Sky
9) Into the Falling Grey

And a few other surprises. *winkwinknudgenudge*

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Upcoming stuff!

Here is a list of some of the upcoming shit MAKE will be involved with:
  • Aug 4th @ The Casbah, Durham, NC w/ Hog & Enoch
  • Aug 6th @ The Soapbox, Wilmington, NC w/ Gollum
  • Aug 8th - 11th @ Track and Field, tracking w/ Nick Petersen
  • Aug 24 - 25th @ Track and Feild, mixing w/ Nick Petersen
  • Aug 29th - Scott's birthday. Take him out for dinner, goddammit.
  • Sept 1st - @ Casbah, Durham, NC w/ Cough & Swordmasters of Ginaz
  • Sept 25th - Carrboro Music fest (facebook event)
  • Oct 10th - @ Kings, Raleigh, NC w/ Thou & Proselyte
  • Nov 14th - Nov 19th - Tour w/ Black Skies (in the works!)
Welp, that's all we know about for now. We'll edit this if any gaps in the calender get filled.Oh, and follow us on twitter in case we decide to start actually using this account:!/thebandMAKE

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finally, we return to recording.

Yes, yes. It's been long enough since we recorded that demo EP, we think it's about time we got our asses back in the studio. Our post-Daniel cache of material equals about 8 songs and 40-some minutes and we're hoping to get it all down.

July will be spent tightening our screws and beginning August 8th we'll be working with our good friend, the multi-talented Nick Petersen at his studio Track and Field. We'll be ending when we feel like we have done all that we can do or when we run out of money. Whichever happens first. Either way, we're hoping to be sending the tracks off to the pressing plant by September.

In other news, we've currently got a Kickstarter page going right now to help us fund the process (all money pledged will go, in one way or another, toward making this album the best possible album we can create) as well, if'n you feel like a little pre-ordering.

MAKE @ Kickstarter

Monday, June 13, 2011

Fear and Loathing in Cape Fear.

Matt and his sand-shadow

Man, we had a great time in Wilmington. Met a ton of awesome, friendly people at the Soapbox, shared the stage with a bunch of great bands (Weedeater put on one of the greatest shows we'd ever seen), and tripped out on the ocean. Huge thank yous to the Soapbox, Skullstorm, No Tomorrow, Weedeater and a special shout-out to Gollum for inviting us down! We eagerly await returning...hopefully before the ocean gets too cold.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

We have BLOG now.

Since Myspace went and fucked itself into irrelevance we decided to create our own place for thoughts, updates and information regarding all things MAKE. In addition to whatever we post, we'll keep any music we have available up on the right, courtesy of, for streaming or downloading (fwiw, it's lookin' like you might have to spam the F5 key sometimes as the bandcamp widgets don't always seem to simultaneously load).


We've got a couple shows coming up in the next week. One in Chapel Hill, one in Wilmington. Check the flyers:

Something which would have already been mentioned had this blog existed earlier, is our recent show with Wolvserpent. Not only were they brilliant musically, but really nice folks (including their sound guy and their tour-mate in "A Story of Rats") who, despite the lackluster attendance on a sweltering Monday/Holiday night, put on a great show and shared good times with us. Check out their music here, and attend their shows if they come near you!