Thursday, July 2, 2015


Man, it's been awhile, eh? So yeah we've got this album coming out in a few weeks and we're pretty goddamn excited and proud of it. We stared down the abyss, sat inside the abyss and got comfy, even lost a member and gained another and now we're emerging from that abyss with a lot of shit to share. We guarantee the next two years will be so much more fruitful than the previous two, so just stay tuned and trust. Just wanted to formally say "Hello!" and "Sorry we sat so complacently in the dark abyss for so long, we swear!"

Oh and before I forget, speaking of losing somebody...founding member Matt Stevenson parted ways with the band amicably and with zero bad blood. He needed some time and space to do his own thing, which happens. Hey, it happens. We couldn't have done what we've done and built what we've built without him, so give that son of a gun a round of applause and buy him a drink the next time you see him. Thanks, Matt, you dogfriend. (p.s. keep yr eyes peeled for a new project involving the three of us in the future!)

So anyway, many of you are already aware that on July 20th the album drops, which means the digital version will be live and available. Everybody who pre-orders will get an email and a link to download the album. Couple'a noteworthy things:

  • The digital version is what we're referring to as 'The Director's Cut' meaning this is the album, from beginning to end, as we have envisioned the album's story unfolding. For audio quality's sake we had to cut two tracks from the vinyl version. We chose the two instrumental tracks because we felt this was the only real compromise which made sense. So the vinyl version is essentially the "Rock" version. But hey, I promise it's going to look great and it'll be a nice fat 180g piece of "Hey I supported a band in 2015, isn't that crazy?" that you can feel all warm and fuzzy about. The vinyl will of course come with a download code which includes all the tracks, and a bonus track as well. Come on, get happy!
  • Wе don't have an exact date for when exactly we'll be getting the actual vinyl in our mail. The estimate is September but vinyl is in such high demand and all the plants are backed up so really, who the heck knows. We promise we'll send them out to you as soon as we get them, don't worry. You'll be the coolest fucking kid on the block once your copy arrives so trust, it'll all have been worth it.

Cheers, y'all. - Scott, Spencer and Luke (and Matt)


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