Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finally, we return to recording.

Yes, yes. It's been long enough since we recorded that demo EP, we think it's about time we got our asses back in the studio. Our post-Daniel cache of material equals about 8 songs and 40-some minutes and we're hoping to get it all down.

July will be spent tightening our screws and beginning August 8th we'll be working with our good friend, the multi-talented Nick Petersen at his studio Track and Field. We'll be ending when we feel like we have done all that we can do or when we run out of money. Whichever happens first. Either way, we're hoping to be sending the tracks off to the pressing plant by September.

In other news, we've currently got a Kickstarter page going right now to help us fund the process (all money pledged will go, in one way or another, toward making this album the best possible album we can create) as well, if'n you feel like a little pre-ordering.

MAKE @ Kickstarter

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