Thursday, June 2, 2011

We have BLOG now.

Since Myspace went and fucked itself into irrelevance we decided to create our own place for thoughts, updates and information regarding all things MAKE. In addition to whatever we post, we'll keep any music we have available up on the right, courtesy of, for streaming or downloading (fwiw, it's lookin' like you might have to spam the F5 key sometimes as the bandcamp widgets don't always seem to simultaneously load).


We've got a couple shows coming up in the next week. One in Chapel Hill, one in Wilmington. Check the flyers:

Something which would have already been mentioned had this blog existed earlier, is our recent show with Wolvserpent. Not only were they brilliant musically, but really nice folks (including their sound guy and their tour-mate in "A Story of Rats") who, despite the lackluster attendance on a sweltering Monday/Holiday night, put on a great show and shared good times with us. Check out their music here, and attend their shows if they come near you!

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