Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Pod?

Yes, The Pod. That is the name of MAKE guitarist Scott Endres' new ambient drone solo/side-project. Check out a preview here:

(Full album will be posted for FREE download as soon as it is completed and mastered)


  1. Little Scott-

    This is Big Scott from Emma's. Bro, every couple of years I google you to make sure you didn't slip into the abyss. My apologies if you construe that as a lack of faith, know. The last time I did so, the search yielded this site. Man. I liked all of your previous bands, but this MAKE stuff is totally my thing. I've been blasting it.

    So congrats, as it were, on your latest accomplishments. If you ever want to come to Chicago, I'm pretty sure I can set up a show. All of my band friends here are metal people.

    In closing, can't wait to hear the new record.

    Good luck in everything-
    Big Scott

  2. Holy shit! Dude, facebook my ass right fucking now!