Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Friday!

Which soul can I take?

Happy new year everybody! Happy belated blog post as well. 2011 turned out to be a very kind year to us and we're looking to pay it forward in 2012. I won't sit here and look back on all our favorite moments from 2011 because, well, that's the sort of thing you do in December and I already blew it and forgot. I will, however, take a second to highlight how excited, honored and humbled we were to make this list: The Triangles Top 10 Albums of 2011 We thank Grayson Currin and the rest of the folks at the Independent Weekly for their always excellent work and for choosing our work in the midst of many, many other great works by many, many other great bands. I don't envy those who must make those types of choices in this fantastic hub of creativity.


Moving on and looking forward. We'll be making our first appearance of 2012 on Friday, February 3rd at the 9th Annual Double Barrel Festival for WKNC in Raleigh and on Saturday, February 4th at the 2nd Annual Bull City Metalfest in Durham. Both events look to be incredibly fun ways to spend your weekend so please come out, say hello and check out the debut of our latest song!

Other bits of news include these things:

** We're very excited to announce that we are the latest addition to the Lechuza Booking family! This will be a great weapon added to our arsenal which will allow us a much better chance of making it to the towns we don't live in, so stay tuned throughout the coming months for tour plans and updates.

** Speaking of towns we do or do not live in, this year won't see us playing many shows in the Triangle. Instead we'll be focusing our energy and concentrating primarily on writing and preparing our second full-length (which we're hoping for a 2013 release date) and some other as-of-yet-undecided projects for later this year. An EP,  a split, a collaboration? Not sure yet but there will be blood something.

** If you haven't seen (heard) this yet, here is our cover of the Velvet Underground's Venus in Furs. I know its hard to believe after what transpired last year that Lou Reed ever did anything worth listening to...but he did. For quite a long time in fact. Here's our dedication to the inspiration he, John Cale, Sterling Morrison and Mo Tucker have given us through the years. Oh fine, you too Doug Yule.

** Oh yeah...we tweet now. I guess.  So follow us. Or don't. We kind of don't care.

We shall now leave you with some Phillip Glass to help enhance your day:

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