Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Early 2012 Stuff and Things

Just a quick round-up of a few things of note:

  • Somebody entered us into Encyclopaedia Metallum. Very cool, we appreciate it!
  • We played the 9th Double Barrel Benefit Festival for WKNC. NC State's paper wrote about it here.
  • We played the 2nd annual Bull City Metal Fest which the Independent Weekly wrote about (it's still pronounced "MAKE" folks!) and we also ended up with a couple vids of our latest song 'Sisyphus' courtesy of Michelle Temple and Adam Graetz. Thanks, you two!

  •  We've got new shirts available at our bandcamp page and they look like this:

Pre-orders come with free digital download!

  • Matt and Scott have begun working on a new noise, drone, electronic side-project. Stay tuned for more on that throughout the year (or next).
  • And lastly Scott and his short attention span did an interview for metalunderground.com

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